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This page includes information on MH Services in the ACT and Queanbeyan, as well as a wide range of other information that might be of use to people with mental illness and those associated with them. For information on the Canberra Region (Nowra to Cowra to Wagga to Eden), go to the Canberra Region Page.
At the bottom of this page is some information about how to use this page.

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[H] ACT Govt MH Services
[H] ACT Mental Health Consumers Network
[H] Ainslie Village
[H] Belleden Youth Crisis Accommodation
[H] Canberra Uni Disabilities Office
[H] Canberra Uni Disibilities Office
[H] Canberra Uni Psychology Society
[H] Chemist - Day & Night
[H] Chemist - Holder (Weston Creek) Pharmacy
[H] Junction Youth Health Service
[H] Lifeline Canberra
[H] Queanbeyan & Region Health Services
[H] Queanbeyan Support for People With Disabilities
[H] Queanbeyan Volunteer, Red Cross, Lifeline Info
[H] Richmond Fellowship
[H] Rotary
[H] Schizophrenia Fellowship -
[H] VOCAL - Victims of Crime Assistance League 6295 9422
[H] Weston Creek Youth Centre
[H] Young Men's Support Network
[H] Youthline


[H] ACT Heritage Library
[H] Australian National Botanic Gardens
[H] Australian Railway Historical Society
[H] Balloon Aloft 6285 1540
[H] Canberra Balloon Flights 6285 4450
[H] Canberra Galleries
[H] Canberra Region Tourism Operators Association
[H] Canberra Tourism
[H] Cockington Green
[H] Kingston Railway Museum
[H] Motorcycle rides around Canberra
[H] Mt Stromlo Observatory
[H] National Archives of Australia
[H] National Gallery of Australia
[H] National Motorcycle Museum
[H] National Museum of Australia
[H] National Portrait Gallery
[H] National Trust - ACT
[H] Planetarium: Canberra Tradesmans Union Club
[H] Royal Australian Mint
[H] Screensound Australia
[H] Solomon Islands High Commission
[H] Street Beat - things to do in CIVIC
[H] Tidbinbilla: Deep Space Communications Complex


[H] [GO!] has over 438 Canberra community groups listed!
[H] Allergies & Intollerant Reactions Association
[H] Asthma Association
[H] Attention Deficit Disorder Support Group
[H] Blind Society 6247 4580
[H] Caesareans & Beyond Support Group 6286 2043
[H] Cancer Society
[H] Centre for Conductive Education - for children with disabilities
[H] Deaf Childrens Association
[H] Disabled People's Intiative ACT 6290 1984
[H] ACT & Region Disabled Sport & Recreation Association
[H] Downs Syndrome Association
[H] Drug Referral & Information Centre 6248 7677
[H] Family & Friends for Drug Law Reform
[H] Fibromyalgia & ME/CFS Page
[H] Freinds of the Brain Injured
[H] Guide Dogs Association NSW/ACT
[H] Healthy Cities Canberra
[H] Junction Youth Health Service
[H] Migraine Support Group
[H] Leap Frog - Fun for people with disabilities
[H] Make A Wish Foundation Canberra Branch
[H] Organ Donation Information
[H] Parent Link
[H] Parent support Line 6278 3995
[H] Parkinsons Disease Support Group
[H] Pen Parents - support group for the loss of young child
[H] Prostate Cancer Support Group
[H] Queanbeyan Care for Eldery
[H] Queanbeyan & Region Health Services
[H] Society for the Physically Handicapped -
[H] Workers in Sex Employment 6247 3443
[H] Youth In the City


[H] ANU Arts Centre
[H] ANU Drill Hall Gallery
[H] Canberra Contemporary Art Space
[H] Canberra Elbow Theatre
[H] Canberra Festival
[H] Canberra Folk Festival
[H] Canberra Museum & Gallery
[H] Canberra Street Theatre
[H] Canberra Theatre
[H] Centre Cinema
[H] - Canberra Arts News
[H] - Canberra Nightlife
[H] Craft ACT
[H] Gorman House Arts Centre
[H] Greater Union Cinemas
[H] HOYTS Cinemas
[H] Identity, Environment & Art
[H] Jigsaw Theatre Company
[H] National Gallery of Australia
[H] National Portrait Gallery
[H] The Patchwork Shop - embroidery classes
[H] Queanbeyan Arts, Crafts, Galleries & Studios
[H] Queanbeyan Painting, Pottery, Music & Dance
[H] Queanbeyan Shows, Games & Theatre
[H] RONIN: Electric Shadows Cinema
[H] Screensound Australia - includes cinema
[H] Studio One National Print Shop
[H] Tuggeranong Arts Centre


[H] Carers Association
[H] Family & Friends for Drug Law Reform
[H] Kidsafe Centre - information to keep kids safe
[H] Maggies Group - kids whose parents are terminally ill
[H] Lone Fathers Association
[H] Parent Link
[H] Parent support Line 6278 3995
[H] Parents Without Partners
[H] Scallywags - Guide for Parents & Carers


[H] Alateen, for youth with drinking problems
[H] AXYS Youth Service - YWCA
[H] Belconnen Youth Centre
[H] Boys Brigade
[H] Canberra YMCA
[H] Canberra Youth Music
[H] Canberra Youth Singers
[H] Canberra Youth Refuge
[H] Castlereagh House - accommodation
[H] Civic Youth Centre
[H] Erindale Youth Centre - YWCA
[H] Girl Guides Association
[H] Gunghalin Community Youth Service Program
[H] Intent Records - band recording organisation
[H] Jigsaw Theatre Company
[H] Junction Youth Health Service
[H] Maggies Group - kids whose parents are terminally ill
[H] Scouts Association 6282 5211
[H] Tuggeranong Youth Resource Centre
[H] Weston Creek Community Service Youth Program
[H] Weston Creek Youth Centre
[H] Woden Youth Centre (Bus Stop)
[H] Young Men's Support Network
[H] Youth Access Centre
[H] Youth Activities Service Tuggeranong
[H] Youth Adventure Holidays
[H] Youth Coalition ACT
[H] Youth Connection: Youth Work Service - information on leaving school
[H] Youth In The City 6247 0770
[H] Youth Joblink
[H] Youthline
[H] Young Single Mens Accommodation Services


[H] Burns Club Pipe Band
[H] Canberra City Band
[H] Canberra Festival
[H] Canberra Folk Festival
[H] Canberra Music Scene
[H] Canberra Philharmonic
[H] - gig guide
[H] Canberra School of Music
[H] Canberra Symphony Orchestra
[H] Canberra Youth Music
[H] Canberra Youth Singers
[H] - Canberra Nightlife
[H] Folk Dancing in Canberra
[H] Gorman House Arts Centre
[H] Impact Records
[H] Intent Records - band recording organisation
[H] Monaro Folk Music Society
[H] Queanbeyan Country Rock Square Dance Club
[H] Queanbeyan Painting, Pottery, Music & Dance
[H] Woden Valley Youth Choir
[H] Yarralumla Scoot 'n' Scatter Square Dance Club


[H] 1PHR: Print Handicapped Radio
[H] 92.7FM Artsound Radio
[H] 96.7 QBN FM
[H] 104.7FM
[H] Mix 106FM
[H] 2XX Community Radio
[H] ABC in Canberra
[H] Radio National
[H] SBS Online
[H] SBS Radio
[H] TEN Capital TV

- for womens accommodation see HOUSING/ACCOMMODATION below.

[H] Females In Training
[H] Queanbeyan Women's Issues
[H] Women's Information & Referral Services
[H] Womens Rugby League


[H] Canberra Uni Ngunnawal Centre
[H] Koori Youth Program
[H] Queanbeyan Support Services


[H] Dante Aligheri Society
[H] Ethnic Schools Association
[H] Federation of Chinese Communities
[H] Lodge Caledonia
[H] Migrant Resource Centre 6248 8577
[H] Multicultural Council
[H] Queanbeyan Multilingual Centre


[H] Boldacious Books
[H] Books on Transport
[H] Canberra Society of Editors
[H] Canberra Uni Centre for Writing & Culture Studies
[H] Co-op Bookshops
[H] Dees Comics Belconnen
[H] Dymocks
[H] Electric Shadows Bookshop
[H] Gaslight Books
[H] Hillary's Bookshop
[H] The Old Bookroom
[H] Paperchain
[H] Scribblers Writers Group


[H] ACT Heritage Library
[H] ANU Libraries
[H] Canberra Hospital Library
[H] Canberra Uni Library Service
[H] Institute of the Arts Library & Resource Centre
[H] National Libray of Australia
[GO!] Australian Libraries Gateway - NLA


[H] Build Community Groups Websites
[H] Council of Social Services - ACTCOSS
[H] Guises Creek Volunteer Bushfire/Emergency Brigade
[H] HandyHelp - home repairs for disabled
[H] Lions Clubs - Canberra Region
[H] National Seniors Association
[H] Queanbeyan Citizens & Court Advice Services
[H] Queanbeyan Volunteer, Red Cross, Lifeline Info
[H] Rotary
[H] St Vincent De Paul Society
[H] Salvation Army Dickson
[H] Salvation Army Tuggeranong
[H] Smith Family -
[H] Smith Family Phillip
[H] Woden Plaza Community Centre - community advertising
[H] Wyuna Community - concern for quality of life issues
[H] YMCA Belconnen
[H] YMCA Woden


[H] ACT Science Fiction
[H] ANU Chess Club
[H] ANU Science Fiction Society
[H] Belconnen Model Aero Club
[H] Canberra Philatelic, Postcard & Postal History
[H] Canberra Street Scene - car enthusiasts
[H] CANCON - Canberra Games Society
[H] Chess Clubs
[H] Geneology - Dead Persons Society
[H] Grand Prix Carting - Commercial site
[H] Heraldry & Geneology Society of Canberra
[H] Paintball Sports
[H] Tuggeranong Chess Club
[H] Wireless Institute of Australia


[H] ACT Apple Users Group
[H] Australian Computer Society
[H] Australian Unix Users Group
[H] Canberra PC Users Group
[H] Canberra Seniors Net
[H] Canberra Uni Computer Club


[H] Belconnen Community Centre
[H] Belconnen Community Service
[H] Chisolm Community Centre
[H] Gungahlin Regional Community Service
[H] Kaleen Community Association
[H] Neighbourhood Watch Program
[H] Northside Community Service
[H] Southside Community Services
[H] Tuggeranong Community Centre
[H] Weston Creek Community Centre
[H] Weston Creek Community Service
[H] Weston Creek Community Service
[H] Woden Community Service


[H] Canberra Baptist Church
[H] Catholic Voice
[H] Christian City Church
[H] Christian Reformed Chuch of Canberra
[H] Tuggeranong Christian Fellowship
[H] Tuggeranong Baptist Church 6296 1587
[H] Spiritualist Association
[H] St Matthew's Anglican Church 6231 7347
[H] Wesley Centre Sports & Meeting Rooms - non commercial


[H] Australian Network for Plant Conservation
[H] Canberra Bushwalking Club
[H] Canberra Gardeners Companion Club
[H] Canberra Nature Parks
[H] Canberra Organic Growers Society
[H] Canberra Ornithologists - bird watching
[H] Bushwalks in the ACT Region
[H] Chis' Joey Haven - Wildcare Queanbeyan member
[H] Environment ACT: Environment & Heritage Gateway
[H] Ginninderra Wetlands Care Group
[H] Kosciusko Huts Association
[H] Permaculture ACT
[H] Queanbeyan Widcare


[H] ACT Companion Dogs Club
[H] Canberra Canine Association
[H] Canberra & District Aqarium Society
[H] Canberra Ornithologists - bird watching
[H] Canberra Non-Sporting Utility & Working Dog Club
[H] Canberra Sled Dog Club
[H] Chis' Joey Haven - Wildcare Queanbeyan member
[H] Queanbeyan Canine Club
[H] Queanbeyan Animal Welfare & Clubs
[H] Queanbeyan Widcare
[H] Tuggeranong Dog Training Club


[H] Canberra Exchange Personals
[H] Canberra
[H] Parents Without Partners
[H] Lone Fathers Association


[H] Council of Social Services - ACTCOSS
[H] ACTIVE Canberra For Social Change
[H] Democrats Party
[H] Liberal Party
[H] Pedal Power ACT - cyclists advocacy
[H] Queanbeyan Representative & Lobby Groups
[H] Right to Life Association
[H] Youth Coalition ACT


[H] AFP Diversionary Conferences
[H] Canberra Legal Aid
[H] Law Society
[H] National Clearing House - pensioner investment information
[H] Neighbourhood Watch Program
[H] Welfare Rights & Legal Centre


[H] ADFA Duntroon Royal Military College
[H] ANU - Australian National University
[H] ANU Centre for Continuing Education
[H] Australian Mathematics Trust
[H] Canberra School of Music
[H] Canberra Schools on the Net
[H] Canberra University
[H] Canberra Uni Psychology Society
[H] Centre for Conductive Education - for children with disabilities
[H] Education Information Network
[H] Ethnic Schools Association
[H] NSW Government Services
[H] University of the 3rd Age - U3A ACT
[H] Youth Connection: Youth Work Service - information on leaving school


[H] 18years+ Single Womens Accommodation Services
[H] ANU Accommodation Service
[H] Backpackers - CIVIC
[H] Beryls Womens Refuge
[H] Canberra Exchange - rooms/houses to rent
[H] Canberra Youth Refuge
[H] Caravan Hire
[H] Caroline Chisolm Womens Refuge
[H] Doris Womens Refuge
[H] Havelock Housing Association 6257 2277
[H] Louisa Queanbeyan Womens Refuge
[H] Men's Accommodation Crisis Centre 6241 0433
[H] Queanbeyan Chisolm Units
[H] Queanbeyan Community Housing 6297 5929
[H] Queanbeyan Youth Resources
[H] St Judes Family Service
[H] Tennants Union ACT -
[H] Youth Hostels Australia O'Connor
[H] Young Single Men's Accommodation Services


[H] Red Cross Roadhouse - meals served by volunteers


[H] ACTION Busses 13 1710
[H] Canberra Cabs - Taxi Service Bookings 13 2227
[H] Caravan Hire
[H] Cityguide Transport Information
[H] Country Link NSW Rail
[H] Deane's Busline Queanbeyan
[H] Greyhound-Pioneer Busline
[H] Telstra


[H] Satyananda Yoga Ashram
[H] Vital Action Pilates Studio - commercial site



[H] ACT Cross Country Club
[H] ACT Veterans Athletics Club
[H] ANU Sport & Recreation Association
[H] Canberra Bilbys Triathlon Club
[H] Doug Fry's Running Page
[H] Triathlon ACT

[H] The Jets Gungahlin Aussie Rules Footy Club
[H] Kingston Wolves Aussie Rules Club

[H] Royals Indians Baseball Club

[H] Basketball Canberra
[H] Canberra Cannons Basketball Team

[H] ACT Brumbies & ACT Rugby Union
[H] Canberra Cannons Basketball Team
[H] Canberra Raiders
[H] Raiders Fansite

[H] ACT Cricket
[H] Ginninderra West Belconnen Cricket Club
[H] North Canberra-Gungahlin Cricket Club
[H] Tuggeranong Valley Cricket Club
[H] Weston Creek Cricket Club

[H] Canberra Croquet Club

[H] Canberra Cycling Club (1)
[H] Canberra Cycling Club (2)
[H] Listing of Canberra Cycling Clubs
[H] OzHPV - Human Powered Vehicles
[H] Pedal Power ACT - cyclists advocacy

[H] ACT & Region Disabled Sport & Recreation Association

[H] Canberra Sled Dog Club

[H] Canberra Game Fishing Club
[H] [GO!] Canberra Fisherman - Rob Paxevnos 6239 7047

[H] ACT Endurance Riders Association (Horses)

[H] - Canberra Sport News

[H] National Tae Kwon Do - commercial site

[H] Brindabella Motorsport Club
[H] Canberra Street Scene - car enthusiasts
[H] V8 Supercar Race

[H] Canberra Raiders
[H] Canberra Womens Rugby League
[H] West Belconnen Leagues Club
[H] Raiders Fansite

[H] ACT Brumbies & ACT Rugby Union
[H] Wests Rugby Union Club

[H] ACTILHA: In Line Hockey Association
[H] Belconnen Ski Inn - hires inline skates, commercial site
[H] Canberra Blade Centre - hires inline skates, commercial site
[H] Inline Skate Canberra
[H] Skating in Canberra

[H] Belconnen Ski Inn - hires inline skates, commercial site
[H] Brindabella Ski Club

[H] Soccer Canberra

[H] Melba Tennis Club
[H] Weston Creek Senior & Junior Squash Club

[H] Canberra City Touch Footy Club

[H] Aqua Action Diving Services - commercial site
[H] Blue Water Rover Crew
[H] Canberra Canoe Club
[H] Canberra Ocean Racing Club
[H] Canberra Uni Scuba Club
[H] Canberra YMCA Sailing Club
[H] Daramalan & Black Mountain "Eagles" Rowing Club
[H] Dickson Swimming Club
[H] Sailing in Canberra
[H] Southern Cross Brindabella Swim Club
[H] Southern Cross Yacht Club
[H] Tuggeranong Vikings Swim Club

[H] Females In Training
[H] Canberra Womens Rugby League

[H] ACT Little Athletics
[H] Lanyon Little Athletics
[H] Little Athletics

- NB most sites here are commercial sites

[H] A1 Tennis Courts Monash
ACT Archery Centre - 01468 5141
[H] AIS Arena "The Palace" & Events
[H] AIS Athletics Field
[H] AIS Gymnastics Hall
[H] AIS Indoor Swimming
[H] AIS Outdoor Synthetic Playing Field
[H] Bruce Stadium & Events
[H] Canberra Indoor Rock Climbing
[H] Canberra Olympic Pool
[H] Capital Public Golf Course
[H] ISK: Indoor Sports Kambah
[H] Manuka Oval & Events
[H] Phillip Swimming & Ice Skating Centre
[H] Skates Alive Rink Wanniassa
[H] Tuggeranong Indoor Sports Centre
[H] Wesley Centre Sports & Meeting Rooms - non commercial


[H] Hellenic Club
[H] Southern Cross Club

Wherever possible, websites with comprehensive information on the services available have been used (for example, all the ACT Scout information is accessible from one website).

Where possible, each site description is followed by a contact phone or address (NB: The area code for Canberra is 02).

This list is not exhaustive, and you should seek out the particular services you need using the services listed on this page as a good start.

Sites that are commercial, not free in nature, are usually followedd with the world 'commercial'.

This list is not exhaustive, and you should seek out the particular services you need using the services listed on this page as a good start.

Most major illnesses, including Schizophrenia, can disrupt all facets of a persons life. Where Schizophrenia (& other Mental Illnesses) differ from many other major illnesses, is in rehabilitation of the person after the acute stage has ended. While ill, people with Schizophrenia can loose contact with many of the services society offers, because the illness may cause the person to withdraw from help. As well, after a psychotic episode, people with Schizophrenia may suffer from the negative symptoms of the disease, including depression. Schizophrenia often occours in the young, thus interupting the development of social skills.

As such, whereas people who suffer other major illnesses may find it possible to return to a normal active life after rehabilitation, for Schizophrenia, socialising and learning social skills, is critical in the process of rehabilitation. People need to develop support networks, find employment and education, sometimes find accommodation, become physically and mentally active again, and to do all these things in their own time.

In order to socialise, people need to know the basic where, when and how to do it. This page has been designed to improve the knowledge people with Schizophrenia have of the services and opportunities available in and around Canberra so that they can make decisions for themselves about what services they need to access.

There are so many organisations here that the task of finding what is applicable to you can be a bit daunting. To help you search through this page for the services that you need, try the following exercise.

Spend a minute or two considering, and writing down, your answers to the following two questions:-
1. What things interest me?
2. What things are important to me?

You may find that your interests are quite many, but that the things that are important to you are few, and you are more certain about them. As well, were you surprised by what you come up with when you thought about what was important to you? They may often be things that you had not given much thought to before. For instance, you may not have written down your friends as things that interest you, but good friendships are bound to be part of everyones list of things that are important to them. You might also ask yourself what sorts of things are not important to you, as this can further consolidate your understanding of your own personal values.

By finding out what is important to you, you can get a better understanding of which services on this page are applicable to you. Here are some examples: Are following sport and holidays away from Canberra important to you? If so, the Raiders Fan Clubs might interest you because they organise travel to games in Sydney. Are animal welfare and the natural environment things that you value? You might be interested in the Wildcare group which looks after injured native animals. Are you a senior citizen who values learning about computers? Then maybe the Senior Net Group would interest you.

Basically, if you take some time to stop and consider the things your values by finding out what is important to you, you can build up an idea of the sorts of activities that will be useful to you.

Keep in mind that many of the organisations listed here exist to serve YOU, and as such, you should not be afraid of actively using them. On the other hand, keep in mind that ALL of these organisations operate only because hard working people like YOU work in them. Sometimes these people are overworked and underpaid - most NOT PAID at all, except by receiving your gratitude.

If you really want them to work for YOU, YOU should consider what you can do for THEM... This is how we build a community afterall.